by Tami Neilson

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The coin stands balanced on its edge, Heads or Tails, the common question to try your luck, has somehow been augmented to become a question between tipping into despair or flying triumphantly out over the chasm. Tami Neilson, poised here in that moment, delivers the full promise of jeopardy. Swinging this pendulum route, she is pulled downward by the weight of loss and mourning, then hits up into the face of grief with some of the most defiant fierceness we have heard from her. Reaching out to grasp some of her best song writing to date, she gives some of her most fully realized performances. As she goes from strength to strength we are left with the treasures she has collected along the way and some of the most powerful musical influences in her life. Songs from the masterful pen of her father, the irreplaceable Ron Neilson, her continued work with her brother Jay Neilson as well as fellow conspirator Delaney Davidson, all fit seamlessly here as a testament to the passing of a milestone in her life.

Don’t Be Afraid- is the last song Ron Neilson wrote, in a career of over 60 years of music lived with a belief and faith that most musicians only dream of. Finished by Tami and Jay this powerful overture to love beyond the bonds of this physical realm naturally takes place as title track to the album.

Lonely- begun while Ron was 20 years old on tour and finished by Tami, plays the game of personified emotion singing to us while haunting the space left behind by a vacant partner. Originally demo recorded outside the hotel while on tour in Kelowna BC.

Heavy Heart- After the tears stop and before they start the heart carries the heavy suitcases that go backwards and forwards between the goodbyes and out the plane window love hangs dark between the night stars.

If Love Were Enough- Time rolls on without us, and even the ever- victorious love
sometimes bows its head in acceptance of the roads it is asked to take.
The grand children live on to distant dreams of the man who once watched and held them.

Holy Moses- Reaching full throttle, the trance like roll lies full length under the ragged cry of disbelief that cuts out over the mayhem. An everyday prayer to the
deliverer of the people.

Bury My Body- The last song Ron ever heard and was his favourite out of the song list for the album. Carried by the voice his enthusiasm at the autonomous power of the vocal, unabashed and strong leading firmly into the spiritual territory.

Only Tears- In this co-write with Davidson we hear the wash of south sea, see the hands waving into the sunset and feel the sun kissed goodbye as the canoe pushes out from shore.

Loco Mama- “Parenthood brings you from the brink of madness to the deepest joy at dizzying speed”. The old saying from Greenhithe rings true. Monkeys run wild in the undergrowth. A Hollywood Latino Classic.

So Far Away- The repetition of departure and arrival plays out at lightning speed into an animation of accelerated aging. The adventurer who follows their heart into the world pays the ultimate price of losing the place at the family table, not through choice but by default.

Laugh, Laugh, Laugh- Under the swagger and bravado we feel the hidden heartbreak and if we look closely see that tears run through the stage make up. The classic grieving technique reveal in this vaudeville banger.

The First Man- A life deftly told in four verses, starting at the first moments into the world and finishing with the last words. In this beautifully tender portrayal of a daughter and her father, measuring stick and mentor, Tami demonstrates her songwriting craft.


released September 25, 2015

Produced by Ben Edwards and Delaney Davidson
Engineered by Ben Edwards
Mastered by Ben Delany

Guitars, Stings: Dave Khan
Guitars: Delaney Davidson
Bass: Ben Woolley
Drums/Percussion: Joe McCallum


all rights reserved



Tami Neilson New Zealand

"Tami Neilson is a fire-breathing belter on her own terms." -ROLLING STONE

"A great, big canyon of a voice."

“Tami Neilson is a full tilt badass monster of music”

"A red-hot honky-tonker, somewhere between Patsy Cline and Wanda Jackson with perhaps just a little bit of Peggy Lee sophistication.”- Nick Bollinger, RNZ
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Track Name: Don't Be Afraid
R. Neilson/ T. Neilson/ J. Neilson

Don’t be afraid, for I am with you
And I’m gonna see you through another day
Do not, don’t you dare be discouraged
I’m gonna help you on your way

Troubles come, troubles go but don’t you know I told you so
I’ll be there protecting you through the burning fire

And I will never leave you
I will not deceive you
I will not forsake you ‘cause you’re my child
You belong to me
You’re my child, you belong to me

Don’t be afraid
Don’t you be afraid
Track Name: Holy Moses
T. Neilson/ J. Neilson

Losing my mind from losing your love
Raising my eyes to the skies above
But I don’t find nothing, don’t feel nothing but alone
No time to cry when the babies need feeding
Days flying by with nothing new in between them
My soul is wearing thin
Time stretches on, a fool’s marathon
Ever since the day that you done gone

Holy Moses! Holy Moses! Oooo-weeee!
Have mercy on me!

Ain’t no let up, no get up and go
Don’t wanna raise my weary head from my pillow
‘cause there’s bad in my luck, the good got stuck
somewhere on down the road
I can’t be bothered picking up my phone
I wish the whole damn world would just leave me alone
Stop knocking on my door
But nobody can see this burden on me
Back breaking, no one else can carry
Track Name: Lonely (feat. Marlon Williams)
R. Neilson/ T. Neilson/ J. Neilson

Lonely wears the clothes left in your drawer
Lonely won’t let me go to places we went before
Lonely makes me walk in the rain
With Lonely is where I’ll remain

Lonely smells like aftershave and cigarettes
Lonely looks like photographs of when we met
Lonely stole your side of the bed
Please stop him I want you here instead

I’m Loneliness, the thing love always leaves
A friend to those in need
I’ll keep you company

Lonely sprinkles dust on your guitar
Lonely keeps the tank full in your car
Lonely hushed the ring of the phone
Lonely won’t leave me alone
Lonely, please leave me alone
Track Name: So Far Away
D. Davidson

Every time I think of you, you get a little smaller
Suns getting lower and the shadows getting taller
Light gets caught in the tree top branches
Released to the fire as the tree becomes ashes

Hills glow gold as the rays of the sun go
High above the water see the cloud sit solo
The whale can dive to the bottom of the ocean
Frozen time and frozen motion

So far away, so far away
When I get there, it’s gonna be a better day
So far away, so far away
I’ll get there tomorrow if I leave yesterday

Say goodbye to the family table
Work when you can and sleep when you’re able
The price keeps rising and the kids are getting bolder
Every time I think of you, you get a little older
Little bit softer and round at the shoulder
Track Name: If Love Were Enough
T. Neilson/ J. Neilson

If love were enough to keep you with me
And if only God would accept currency
I’d buy one more day, a week or a month
If only love were enough

If love were enough, there would be no end
You’d stay to see baby boys grow into men
To tie their bowties and straighten their cuffs
If only love were enough

There is not a day that I haven’t loved you
It’s a habit I never will break
But the greedy old hands on the clock they won’t stop
To give back just one yesterday

But if love were enough we’d dance one more dance
We’d sing one more song
We’d have one more chance
To love and to laugh, to talk and to touch
If only love were enough
If only love were enough
Track Name: Bury My Body
T. Neilson

You can bury my body
you can bury my body
you can bury my body deep down in the ground
But the dust and the bone won’t make a sound
You can bury my body

I won’t grow weary no more
Ain’t afraid of death knockin’ on my door
Sweet salvation in the by and by
No more worries, gonna leave them behind

The devil done missed his chance to steal my soul
He crooked his crooked finger and I said Hell, no!
Took the hand of Jesus, pulled me outta the grave
Death was cheated and my soul was saved

You can bury my body
you can bury my body
you can bury my body deep down in the ground
But the dust and the bone won’t make a sound
You can bury my body

‘Cause I’ll be up in glory
I’ll be shoutin’ the story
That they buried my body deep down in the ground
But the weight of this world couldn’t hold me down
But you can bury my body
Track Name: Loco Mama

I’m jittery jumpin like a scratchless itch
Like a tail on a tomcat beginning to twitch
I need some sweet silence filling up my head
I need to spend some more time tangled up in my bed
I’m burning up both ends of my wick
Start running while the bomb still ticks
You better hurry up and get out quick

When the Mama go loco
When the Mama go loco
You better get out, better go go
Tick tick tick tick tick POW!
The Mama gone loco

My pulse is poppin’ with a fevered heat
I got the black cat voodoo with a jungle beat
Body shaking and my hair gone wild
I wanna throw down on the floor like a screamin’ child
Seeing red and it don’t mean stop
This firecracker ‘bout to pop
You better bail before I blow my top
Track Name: Heavy Heart
T. Neilson

Heavy heart, my arms are tired
From holding you for miles and miles
Across the sea, a cross to bear
It ain’t fair, heavy heart

Heavy heart, you weigh me down
You keep my feet from gaining ground
You took on pain, a stowaway
You’re to blame, heavy heart

Please stop aching
Please stop breaking

Heavy heart, my eyes are dry
Of all the tears spent trying to buy
A bit more time to heal these wounds
Make it soon, heavy heart
Track Name: Only Tears
D. Davidson/ T Neilson

Only tears
Is that all I can do
Seems like such a shame
That’s all I have for you
Only tears
No need for such a show
Only tears
Lonely tears

Only tears
Why did you have to go
There’s no one left to blame
And no one left who knows
Only these tears
No need to let them show
Only tears
Lonely tears

Take a grain of salt or two
Add a little water you got tears
Only tears
Lonely tears
Only tears

Only tears
They don’t feel like enough
To give for all the pain
To trade for all the love
Only tears
Are all I have to show
Only tears
Lonely tears
Track Name: Laugh Laugh Laugh
by T.Neilson

I’m teasing up my hair and painting my lips Ruby Woo
Spraying on my Aqua Net and the last of that perfume
you gave to me so long ago
but if I’m blue, you’ll never know

I’m gonna dance dance dance the night away
I’m your good time gal
Honey all you gotta do is say
And when we wave wave wave our last goodbye
I’m gonna laugh laugh laugh until I cry

When the bar is out of whiskey and the band is out of songs
When the last car pulls away and everybody else is gone
I’ll raise my glass, for what it’s worth
Heres to smile smile smiling til it hurts
Track Name: The First Man
T. Neilson/ J. Neilson

The first man that I ever loved was
The first man to ever hold me in his arms
The first time that I cried my very first tear
He was here

The first kiss that I ever gave was to
The first man the one who always kept me safe
From the monsters living under my bed
Or in my head

All the rest gotta live up to the best of the first man
Win or lose we’re trying to fill the shoes of the first man
The first man

The first man, even with his flaws was still
The best man, not despite them but because
It made him the good man that he was
Yes he was

The last time that he said my name was
The last time my heart would ever be the same
The one man I’ll be loving
From the first day to the last day of my life

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